2017 Swim Meet Schedule


June 17th, 8am:  Germantown @ Stonegate (Saturday A meet)
June 21st, 5pm: Robinhood @ Stonegate (Wednesday B meet)
Pool closes at 4:30pm  
June 24th, 8am: Stonegate @  Country Glen (Saturday A meet) 
June 28th, 5pm: Connecticut Belair @ Stonegate (Wednesday B meet)
Pool closes at 4:30pm
July 1st, 8am:  Bethesda @ Stonegate (Saturday A meet)
July 2nd, 8am: Divisional Relays @ Stonegate
July 5th, 5pm:  Stonegate @ Calverton (Wednesday B meet)
July 8th, 8am: Tallyho @ Stonegate (Saturday A meet)
July 12th, 5pm: Stonegate @  Ashton (Wednesday B meet)
July 15th, 5pm: Stonegate @ Rockville (Saturday A meet) 
July 22nd, 8am: Division Meet, location TBD

Image Gallery Our members have a BLAST at the pool!

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If you have questions or comments, please contact The Swim Club President, Peter Wolk:

220 Stonegate Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20905
Phone: 301-384-4401